These are Alton Bowman’s creations made for himself alone, for purely creative reasons. Each year a new creation is exhibited in October as an entry in the state-wide Furniture exhibition in Kerrville at the Kerrvillle Arts and Cultural Center.

This is a juried show for citizens of Texas only. Mr. Bowman is pleased to compete in this ever-improving venue. The works can also be seen at the gallery during the Crosstimbers Cultural Arts Studio Tour, November 11-12, 2008.

Acrylic Chair

2008 entry in Kerrville Furniture show is the Throne Chair of Hetepheres in carved acrylic and ebony. The chair is lighted internally from fiber optic strands located in the base.

Marquetry Desk in Holly, Ebony, and Cuban Mahogany

Throne Chair of Queen Hetepheres

Writing Desk in Rosewood, Ebony, and Mesquite with Mammoth Ivory Inlay

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